Copper and aluminium
Warehouse and resale products and spare parts

System-P has a warehouse equipped with everything needed for electromechanics.

System-P is an agent and official distributor for Italy. One of the largest in the production of copper and aluminium wire and strops.

System-P is an agent for R.bourgeois, a world leader in the production of magnetic lamination, for the construction of electric motors.

System-P is a partner of FAET for Italy, a leading market player in electromechanical and electronic components and spare parts.

System-P is a partner of Dielettrica: wiring for electromechanical and electrical appliances, and electrical and electromedical switchboards. Dielettrica offers solutions to your single and multicore flexible cabling needs.

System-P is a partner of Ernesto Raab, leader in the marketing of ball bearings.

System-P Production is the productive division of System-P. It handles the production of magnetic laminations.