System-P is a leading company in Italy for the marketing of round and flat enamelled and Nomex wire, as well as the authorised dealer of “De Angeli Prodotti” for Italy.

System-P markets round and flat copper and aluminium wires, magnetic laminations for electric motors, electromechanical and electronic components and spare parts, monopolar and multipolar wiring, ball bearings and laminations for single phase and three phase transformers.

System-P has two plants for the production magnetic laminations and magnetic cores for electric transformers.

electromechanical components

System P

fax: +39-049-9539287

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SYSTEM-P represents


System P

Viale dell’Industria, 2 – Bagnoli di Sopra (PD)

Phone: (+39) 049 9535371
Fax: (+39) 049 9539287

Viale Industria, 5 – Boffalora Sopra Ticino (MI)

Phone: (+39) 02 9754558
Fax:  (+39) 02 9754558