System-P: World wire steel

System-P” is a leading company in Italy for the marketing of round and flat enamelled and Nomex wire, as well as the authorised dealer of “De Angeli Products” for Italy.

Founded in 1998, “System-P” sells round and e flat copper and aluminium wires, magnetic laminations for electric motors, electromechanical and electronic components and spare parts, single and multicore flexible cables, ball bearings and magnetic laminations for single phase and three phase transformers.

Over the years, “System-P” has consolidated its position thanks also to acquisitions and investments, both in its own and in other sectors.

In 2018, “System-P” and “Nuova fa.pi.ve.” joined forces to create “Systemcore srl“, thereby expanding their range to magnetic cores for single phase and three phase electric transformers.

A second pant has enabled “System-P” to produce magnetic laminations for the construction of electric transformers.

In terms of diversification, “System-P” boasts holdings in the companies Tamau Italia srl and Wow technology spa.

System P